The mission of the Change Maker Collective is to create a more sustainable, healthier and more equal planet through entrepreneurship💚. 

We do this through community, education & coaching, and by offering our community a platform to share their stories and products. All of this so our community members can launch and grow sustainable, authentic and visible online businesses that change the world. 

One of the ways we support entrepreneurs, is by creating a podium for change makers to tell their story and get visible.

From 1 March 2020, you are able to get featured in front of our community! Here are the options that are being rolled out in the coming months:

✔ You can now guest blog on this website. Guest blogging is for those of you that have a message to share that will help other conscious entrepreneurs in their journeys. You can find more info on how to guest blog below.

✔ From 1 April, you can get featured in an interview on this website. This is for any entrepreneur with a purpose-driven business.

✔ From 1 May, you will able to do an Instagram Stories take-over. This will be a super exciting way to interact with our followers on Instagram

✔ From 1 May, you can be featured as a guest on the Change Maker Collective Podcast (invitation only).

You can read more on each of the options and how to apply below.


Guest blogging is a fabulous way to show case your expertise and we happily invite you to write a guest blog for our community.

Benefits of guest blogging

For you as the guest blogger, guest blogging will get you featured in front of the Change Maker Collective audience. It will also help you establish credibility as an expert in your field, and you will gain valuable back links to your website! 

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Yes, I want to do a guest blog!


Guest interviews are perfect for you if you have a business that is focused on creating a more sustainable, healthier or more equal planet, and you want to share your story with the Change Maker Collective audience.

Here's how it works:

  • The goal of the interviews is to share your story with the world. This will get you visibility in front of the Change Maker Community audience, and it will also serve as an inspiration for your fellow entrepreneurs.
  • The interview has a standard format that will go into your purpose, your business and your journey as an entrepreneur.
  • Guest interviews will be published on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can pick the day you want your interview to be published in the calendar. You will be asked to upload your blog post, pictures and information through a form. Once everything is received, your slot will be confirmed, whoop whoop.
  • The interview will be posted on this website and then shared on our Instagram, Instagram stories, Facebook and Linkedin. You are of course also invited to share the interview with your own audience too.
  • Investment: whoop whoop, it's completely free.
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In May 2020, we will be launching the Change Maker Collective podcast, a bi-weekly show all about how to launch and grow an online business that changes the world! There will be solo shows, expert interviews and interviews with entrepreneurs. Interviews will be invitation only.

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