Hey you, online entrepreneur,

You have a BIG dream for your business and you are ready to make it happen! Now you need to create a strategy that works for you, and that feels 100% authentic and doable. And you probably need some help making it all happen too!

I get it, and I am here to help! You can read more about how I can help on this page.

My 1-on-1 coaching services include:

  • Make it Happen - Signature Program for new entrepreneurs - Step by step guidance to help you take your business off the ground
  • CEO mentoring - an experienced mentor by your side to help you take your business to the next level and grow as a CEO
  • Strategy Sessions - laser focused sessions to solve a specific challenge in your business.

And if you want group support, then the Change Maker Mastermind is for you!

You can read more about the one on one coaching options below, and about group coaching here.

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Intensive guidance, mentoring & cheerleading from A to Z  for entrepreneurs who want to take their business off the ground and make a consistent income!

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This program will help you go from struggling and overwhelmed by the online space, to earning a stable income in a business that changes the world.

Together, we will create and implement authentic and effective marketing & sales strategies, so growing a business becomes easy and fun.

The average duration of this program is 6 months, and we will tailor the experience to your exact needs. From 749 euro / $845 per month.

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For entrepreneurs who want to step into their role as a CEO and take their business to the next level

This program is a mix of mentoring, coaching and consulting for entrepreneurs who are ready to step into their role as a CEO and make more impact and sales in their businesses.

You will have an experienced mentor by your side to support you on your journey towards the next level of impact and sales in your business!

From 749 euro / $845 per month.

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Expert mentoring right when you need it

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Strategy sessions are 1-hour, laser focused coaching calls. These sessions are perfect for you if you want high-level strategic support on a specific topic. You can purchase as many sessions as you need, and use them whenever you need strategic brainstorming and support. From 165 euro / US$ 185.

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All my programs are flexible, and will always be tailored to your specific needs. Generally speaking, here's how you can choose the right program:

  • If you are new and need to learn a lot about sales and marketing, then Make it Happen is for you!
  • If your business is up and running and you need a sparring partner to help you get to the next level in business, then CEO mentoring is a great fit.
  • If you have 1 specific topic to discuss, or if you want to mainly be able to pick my brain, then strategy sessions are for you.

If you are struggling to take your business off the ground, then very probably a few strategy sessions won't be enough for you to get real results. Building a business is a journey!

You can schedule a free discovery call with me with the form below, so we can discuss what option will work best for you, and if we are a great fit to work together. I look forward to our chat!


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