Out of content ideas? Here's why and how to fix it!

Apr 14, 2020

✨ What to do when you feel uninspired to create content ✨

Let's face it, the constant need to create content can be tiring! So what can you do when you have one of those days (or weeks or even months,) where you just don't know what to talk about or what content to create.

Here are 5 reasons you might be stuck and how to get unstuck:

🍍 Reason 1: you forgot WHY you are creating content. It's easy to feel like you are creating content because you need to create content. But you are not. You are creating content to make change happen! So take some rest and re-connect with your purpose, your WHY. Why are you doing what you do? Who are those customers that will be so happy with your products or services? And what is the big impact that your products or services make? THAT is why you are creating content, and THOSE are the people you are writing/ creating content for.

🍍 Reason 2: you are re-inventing the content wheel over and over again. If you find yourself thinking about topic ideas over and over again, then take 1 or 2 hours to brainstorm content topics. It's best if the topics can be related back to your products / services, so you can always end your content with a Call to Action. Write down as many topics as you can and then divide them into 4 or 5 buckets. For example, my buckets are "social media" "business strategy" "entrepreneurship" "mindset". Then subdivide those topic into subtopics until you have a list of potential topics that can all be related back to the main topics and your products/ services. For example, my social media bucket is split up into Facebook, Instagram, Social Media in general etc, and then Facebook is split up in Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, and so on. Then, whenever you are out of ideas, just look at your list, and pick the topic that speaks to you.

🍍 Reason 3: you need some creative inspiration. Keep a list of content ideas. These are not so much topics to write about, but more the way you present the topic, such as a question / joke / meme / blog post / video / testimonial. Check out this article with 29 ideas to post! Choose one of those ideas, combine it with one of the topics from the step above, and you are all set!

🍍 Reason 4: you don't know what your followers actually want to hear! Easy solution: ASK your audience what they want to learn more about. Super easy and you will be sure that the content you are creating is valuable.

🍍 Reason 5: you are feeling burnt out because all your content efforts are not getting you results. Solution: Book coaching sessions with Paulien 🤩. What I see quite often is that when my clients feel uninspired to create content, it is not because they have a lack of ideas, but because they feel burned (burnt?) out. And that feeling of being burnt out is often caused by a lack of results from their content creation process. No engagement / no sales / no growth. If this is the case, then no matter how long the list of content ideas and no matter how long your list of content topics, you will still feel burnt out. The solution to this is to work on your STRATEGY first (your messaging / ideal clients / content plan / brand). And that's what I help with!

If you are feeling burnt out (and also if you are in doubt whether you have a strategic problem or if you can easily tweak your approach to get more results), then I invite you to schedule a free 45-minute discovery call with me. I will be 100% honest in my advice. Go here to book your call.

That's it, 5 reasons why you might feel uninspired to create content, and how to solve it!

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