How to start a blog as a new entrepreneur

Jan 28, 2020

One of the best ways to get traffic to your website as an entrepreneur is to start a blog! In this article I will share how to start a blog as a new entrepreneur.

Why should I start a blog?

You might be thinking: are blogs still relevant, what with social media and all of that?

My answer is, yes, blogs are still relevant! Here's why:

  1. Blogs can help you get free traffic to your website (through Google and for example also through Pinterest).
  2. Content that you create for your blog can still get you traffic in months and even years. Compare that to the average life span of a post on Facebook or Instagram, which is less than a day, or on twitter, where it's less than 1 hour! Putting effort into creating blog content will get you long term benefits.
  3. Blogging is the perfect way to establish authority in your niche. Authority then is the perfect way to get people ready to buy from you!

How to start a blog

So what do you need to start a blog as an entrepreneur? Actually, you are all set to get going if you have these 3 things in place, which I will discuss in more detail below:

  • A blogging system
  • Content to write about
  • A way to promote your content.


How to set up a blog / blogging system

To start a blog, you need a blogging solution. A blogging solution will allow you to create your blog posts, publish them on a website, add tags / categories and optimize them so they can be found in Google.

The most well known blogging system in the world is Wordpress. If you are serious about building a blog, then Wordpress is the way to go for you. The good news is, Wordpress is free! All you need is a hosting solution. For hosting, I recommend Siteground. 

If you already have a website in place, for example on Wordpress, Wix or Squarespace, then adding a blog to that website is super easy too.


How to know what to write about

If you are not a fulltime blogger, but you blog because you want to get traffic to your website that sells products, or services, then choosing the right topics to blog about is fundamental to the success of your blog.

Here are some questions to help you come up with topics to blog about:

  • What are typical questions your ideal customers struggle with and ask you all the time? (for example, today, someone asked me how to start a blog)
  • Look at what the leaders in your industry are blogging about. They probably did their research about what potential customers want to learn about! You should never copy their content, of course, but you can use their content as inspiration, and then put your own original spin on it.
  • Ask your audience (on social media for example, inside Facebook Groups, if you don't have an audience of your own yet). 
  • Do "social listening". Go to Facebook Groups or forums where your potential customers ask questions and see what they are typically talking about. Then creating blog posts around those topics.
  • What are things your ideal customers need to know before they are ready to buy from you?  For example if you are a real estate agent, you could blog about "how high can my mortgage be"?
  • What are things your ideal customers need to know after they are ready to buy from you? For example, if you sell computers you could blog about: how to install a new computer. 
  • What are trends in your industry? For example, if you sell slow fashion, then you could blog about "trends in slow fashion".


How to promote your content

Creating content that just "sits" on a blog will not get you the traffic and authority you desire. In order to get your content seen, you will need to promote it. And actually, you should be spending more time promoting your content then creating it!

Here are some ways to get started promoting your content:

  • Send a newsletter to your email subscribers
  • Promote your new blog post on your social media channels
  • Create a pin and promote it on Pinterest (this is my favorite way of promoting my blog posts).

Tips for new bloggers

Here are some tips to get started with blogging

  • The quality of your content is what's most important when it comes to blogging. Do not fall into the trap of over thinking your blog design, your graphics, your logos and so on. Focus on creating content that is solving an actual problem for your audience and you will be just fine!
  • It will take some time to find out which blog posts do well and which don't. And sometimes it remains a mystery. 
  • Consistency is important if you want to be found in Google. Google likes websites that have a consistent rhythm of putting out new content (and so do your readers). So if you start a blog, it has to  a long time commitment.
  • Done is better than perfect!! This is a big one for me. I tend to procrastinate on publishing my posts because I want to make them longer/ better or because I want to do more research. In fact, I have at least 30 unpublished blog posts sitting in my drafts. Do not do that! Getting your content out there is the only way to get it seen by people 🙈.

So that's it, how to start a blog as an entrepreneur: choose a system, make a list of topics to blog about, and promote your blog!


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