How to do email marketing as a new online entrepreneur

Apr 23, 2020

If you are new to the online space, then email marketing is probably one of the topics that you've heard about, and you are probably wondering how to do email marketing as a new online entrepreneur.

In this blog post, I am going to break it down for you!

Why email marketing?

Before we dive into how to do email marketing, it's important to first understand WHY you should be using email marketing.

As an online entrepreneur, you need to build an audience, and the best way to do this (not the only way, for sure, but the best way) is through email marketing.

Email seems to be a bit "old school", but email marketing is definitely an essentialpart of any online entrepreneur's marketing strategy. Here's why:

  1. You control and own the people on your email list. Your Facebook Page can be shut down. Your instagram account can be closed without prior notice (it happens all the time). Algorithm changes can cause a huge drop in reach. Imagine all those people that built their audiences on their Facebook Business Pages. Facebook decided to drop the reach (the number of people that see their posts) dramatically, and boom, those audiences couldn't be reached any more. Or imagine getting all your traffic through Google, and them changing their algorithms, and boom, all your traffic is gone. This is why you want your website visitors to jump on your email list, so you can always reach them, no matter what happens in the world of algorithms.
  2. Email marketing still has the best ROI (bang for your buck) of all existing marketing strategies, as shown in this graph by Chief Marketer (source).:
  3. Email marketing is quite easy to learn and it isn't as fast moving as social media, so once you master it, you are good.


Who should be using email marketing?

That's easy: ANY online entrepreneur should be using email marketing. No exceptions.

Can you build a business without email marketing? Sure you can! But it's not the smartest thing to do, as explained above under "why email marketing".


When to start with email marketing?

I recommend you start email marketing as soon as possible after starting your business. Even if your business isn't selling anything yet, it's a good idea to start email marketing, because once you launch, you will have a list to sell to!


What systems to use for email marketing?

That's a great question! Now, you will see that many new entrepreneurs use mailchimp. The ONLY reason I would recommend mailchimp, is because it is free. But if you have a small budget available, then I would recommend you invest in an email marketing tool, because a paid tool is just so much more user friendly and can do more.

These are the two systems I've used myself and can fully recommend:

  • Convertkit. Convertkit is easy to learn and easy to use. It starts at $27 per month.
  • ActiveCampaign. ActiveCampaign is a bit more complicated than Convertkit, but it has more powerful capabilities when it comes to automation (automatically sending emails to certain people based on certain criteria). It starts at $15 per month. 

If you like fast and easy, I recommend: Convertkit. If you want customizable and you feel okay with a more techy set-up, then I recommend: ActiveCampaign.

(disclosure: some of the links are affiliate links, which means that should you sign up with these systems through my link, I will earn a small commission, at the same price for you).


How to get started with email marketing?

To get started with email marketing, you need:

  • A system (see above)
  • A reason for people to sign up for your list, this is usually called a "lead magnet" or a "freebie". This is a piece of content that you give your subscribers, in return for their email address.
  • A sequence of emails to send to your new subscribers, this is usually called a "welcome sequence". Read more here on how to create a great email sequence.
  • Regular content to send to your list (I recommend at least weekly).


Need more help with your email marketing?

New to email marketing, or struggling with getting results from your email marketing? You can now  book an Email Marketing Strategy Intensive with Paulien Pierik, Business Coach and Social Media Expert, and walk away with the right system, your lead magnet and your email welcome sequence!

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