Facebook Group Name Ideas

Feb 07, 2019

This post was updated on 26 March 2020

Are you launching a Facebook Group and looking for Facebook Group name ideas?

The name of the Facebook Group can make all the difference in the success of your group. And that is why in this blog post, I will walk you through exactly how to come up with the perfect Facebook Group name ideas. 


What makes a good Facebook Group Name?

A Facebook Group name can only be short (more on that below), yet a good FB group name does quite a few things. Here’s a checklist for the best Facebook Group Name:

1. The name creates a community feeling

A Facebook Group is not only about you and your products and services. The group members make the group, it is a community! If your group is a real community, a place where people connect, your members will love hanging out in your Facebook Group. And they will come back to it over and over again. And that starts with the Facebook Group name. So I recommend you add a word that means “community” in the name. To help with that, I've created a list with 71 ways to include "community" in your Facebook Group name, so keep on reading!

2. Great FB Group names are searchable - search engine friendly

Many potential group members use the Facebook search bar to search for groups, so make sure to include words in the name that your ideal group members would actually use when they search for a group like yours. If you are not sure what words people would use, then ask your audience. And if you don't have an audience yet, ask in a Facebook Group where your ideal clients hang out! Many people joined my previous group for example because they found it through the Facebook search when they looked for “e-commerce”, which was part of the FB group name.

Let's say you have  group about eco-friendly lifestyle, then it would make sense to add "eco-friendly" or "green" or "sustainable" or... to the name, so that when people actively search for eco-friendly groups, your group shows up in the search results. 

3. The perfect Facebook Group name weeds out the people you do NOT want in the group, and it attracts the RIGHT people.

A very general Facebook Group name attracts a very general crowd (believe me, I’ve been there), as well as “Group Addicts”, people who just join tons of groups on a certain topic. You don’t want that, because you want the RIGHT people in your group, and that's exactly what the best FB Group names help you achieve.

Here's why having only the right people in your group is so important: Facebook's algorithm looks at the percentage of people in your group that are actually active (liking, commenting, posting), and uses that percentage to decide to how many group members it will show your content on their wall, and to how many new potential members it will suggest your group. Having only relevant people in the group will increase this percentage and this will massively increase the engagement in the group as well as the potential growth speed of your group, and therefore in the end the success of your group! So make sure to have a FB Group name that attracts only your perfect people.

4. A great Facebook Group name explains the benefit of joining

It makes it clear why potential members should join, what will they learn / do / experience in the group, and why should they care? For example if your group is called "runners", it is not as clear why people need to join as when it's called "Your first 5k | runners community". And when your group is called "sustainable living", it is less clear what people will get out of it, then if it's called something like "Sustainable living tribe | House decorating & Eco-friendly cleaning" (Just making something up here as an example of course). So make sure your potential group members understand what they will get from joining your group.


5. The Facebook Group name stands out from similar Facebook Groups

A good group name is different from all the other group names out there. It brings excitement! A great name will make people more excited to join, which will increase the chance that they will engage. A different name will also make people remember your group and find your group. 

So make sure to do some research on the names of similar groups and choose something that is different. You can find similar groups by going to the Facebook Search bar and then filtering for groups.


Facebook Group Name Generator

So how to generate your Facebook Group name? Your name should include these 3 items, put together in a creative and original way, that includes keywords:

  1. For whom is this group?,
  2. followed by a word that explains community (I give you 71 ways to do that below, so make sure to read on)
  3. followed by the reason people should join, what is the benefit of joining your Facebook Group?

For example, my Facebook Group is called "Change Maker Collective | Social Media & Business Strategy for entrepreneurs". For whom: change makers / entrepreneurs. Word that explains community: "collective". Benefit of joining: Social Media & Business Strategy. 

If you are looking for synonyms or creative words, then the Powerthesaurus is a fabulous tool to help you find just the right word for your Facebook Group Name.

So to summarize: your perfect Facebook Group name contains keywords that your ideal group members use to search for groups like yours, is different from similar group names in your niche, and explains: Who is this group for? Why should I join? Plus a word that creates that community feel.


Facebook Group Name FAQ

How important is my Facebook Group name?

Quite important. But.... if you aren't sure yet about your FB group name, then I highly recommend you to go ahead and open your group. Having the group and seeing what kind of members the group name attracts is the BEST way to test your FB group name. So don't postpone your launch by overthinking your name...

How often can I change my FB group name?

You can change your FB group name every 28 days!

How can I change my FB group name?

You can change your group name by going to the group settings, as shown below (for desktop):

71 Facebook Group name ideas for a community

Below you can find 71 Facebook Group name ideas for the first item in my little list above: the part where you make sure people understand it is a COMMUNITY.

Here are 71 creative ways to say “group” or “tribe”, woohoo!

Area     Assembly     Association     Backyard    Battalion     Brigade     Cell     Circle      Center     Clan     Clique     Club   Coffee Bar      Collaborative     Cohort     Commune     Community     Crew     District     Domain     Dynasty     Empire     Enclave     Family     Fleet     Folk     Fraternity     Friends of...     Gang     Ground     Hive     Home Park House     Hood     House hold     Jungle     Kingdom     Land     League     Locality     Lounge     Member Club     Membership     Mob     Movement     Nation     Neck of the Woods         Nest     Orbit     Party     Platoon     Posse     Quarter     Rat Pack     Ring     Section     Sisterhood     Squad     Society     Syndicate     Territory     Tree     Troop     Turf Union     Vicinity     Ward     World of....     Zone     Zoo


That's it! How to name your Facebook Group

Ready to take action with your Facebook Group? Here's what you can do next:



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