10 email marketing examples to boost your creativity

Out of ideas to send to your email list subscribers? In this post, I will walk you through 10 email marketing examples, that will help you build your brand and your relationship with your readers.

The goal of these email marketing examples, is to kick start your creativity. Of course, you should make the ideas fit your brand identity and your products and services and your customer segments for maximum effect. You can use the email marketing examples as a starting point for brainstorming.

Here we go! You can use these email marketing ideas to come up with your own list of emails to send out to your list.

10 email marketing examples


1. Behind the scenes

People love buying from people, and giving people a look behind the scenes into your business is a great way to establish the "know, like and trust factor". You can show images of your office, of your stock room, of your product process, of you speaking to a crowd, for examples.


2. Seasonal campaigns - there is a day for everything!

You can make a calendar of seasonal email marketing ideas, so you have a topic to write about year round. Of course there is Christmas, Halloween, Mother's Day. But there is also cat day, fountain pen day, international artists day. Depending on your niche, there are so so many occasions during the year that will give you the perfect chance to contact your subscribers with a special offer or a seasonal campaign. Out of ideas? Here is a website that lists all the days of the year for you!


3. New products and services

Are you introducing new products or services? Make sure to inform your list. You could consider offering them a special rate (because they are your community after all). Do you regularly introduce new products? Make sure to send out an email to your list every time there's something new for them to buy!


4. Research emails

Send an email to your subscribers to ask them about what they would like to hear from you (this is also a great way to segment your readers). Or ask them about their favourite products. Or test a new product or service idea with them. Your loyal subscribers will feel appreciated if you ask for their input!


5. Featured in the news

Have you been featured in the news? Been on tv? Been on an interview / podcast etc? Guest blogged? Make sure to update your subscribers! The more famous you get, the more interested your readers will be 😎


6. A company milestone

First 100 days in business, first year in business, first time expanding into a new country? New product line? Share your milestones! You can brainstorm milestones to come up with email ideas.


7. A round up email

A round up email is an email that summarises what has happened in the past week / month. You can for example tell your readers about your top 10 blog posts, the biggest things that happened in your business in the past period, things that happened in your Facebook Group, instagram developments etc.


8. A customer story

Sharing stories from customers helps you connect with your readers, and it helps boost your trust factor. People are almost as likely to trust a testimonial from a stranger, as from someone they know! Share a testimonial, or a story from a happy customer. For example a story about a transformation, before and after pictures, pictures of your products being used.


9. Your events or industry events

Are you going to attend a trade fair? Hosting a webinar? Share your event with your readers, and meet up! You can also share relevant events in your niche, if that is helpful for your readers.


10. A surprise freebie

Did you create a new freebie / document / ebook? Make sure to send it to your existing subscribers too!

That's it! 10 creative email marketing ideas for emails to send to your list when you are out of inspiration! Do you have additional ideas? Feel free to share them in the comments :-) 

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