Hello my dear online entrepreneur! Does this sound like you?

✔︎ You started (or want to start) your business, because you want to make an impact with what you do. 

✔︎ You have a grand vision. A unique business idea, different from what everyone else has done. An idea that will change the world!

✔︎ You LOVE being an entrepreneur, the freedom that comes with it and the chance to create a business that is uniquely yours.

✔︎ But… you are feeling overwhelmed by all the things you need to learn and do to launch and grow your business online. Is there an end to the list of #allthethings?

✔︎ You hate salesy tactics and it’s important to you to get visible in an authentic way. But you are not sure how to do thatAnd maybe you find it a bit scary too, putting yourself out there.

If this is you, then I am SO so excited that you are reading the Change Maker Collective website today!

My name is Paulien and I help entrepreneurs get visible online & grow their businesses, so their brands can change the world. Entrepreneurs like you who want to make a difference. Change makers who know that building a business is about so much more than just making money.

I am the founder of the Change Maker Collective and a business coach & social media expert. 

You can work with me 1-on-1, and very soon you will be able to join the Change Maker Collective membership.

Are you ready?



The Change Maker Collective is a global community, platform and (soon to be) podcast for conscious entrepreneurs.

The mission of the Change Maker Collective is to create a more sustainable, healthier and more equal planet through entrepreneurship💚. We do this through community, education & coaching, and by offering our community a platform, so they can grow sustainable, authentic and visible online businesses, that make a positive impact in the world. 

This is how the Change Maker Collective can help you grow your business:

1-on-1 coaching

You can work with Paulien as your coach & mentor to kick-start the growth of your purpose-driven business. Learn about coaching.

Join the community

You can join the community on Facebook, where you will find free trainings and a vibrant community of change makers.

Get featured

From 1 March 2020, you can get featured in front of the Change Maker Collective platform!  Read more about getting featured.

Change Maker Academy

In the course of 2020, the Change Maker Academy will launch, a membership that will teach you everything you need to know to launch and grow your business as a change maker. 


Read more about how you can work 1-on-1 with Paulien below.

Make it Happen 

This intensive, confidence-boosting coaching & mentoring program will help you take your business off the ground. Together, we will work through the steps you need to take to confidently grow an authentic and visible business, with ease and without overwhelm.

You will get access to the Make it Happen Business Academy, plus 1-on-1 coaching support, based on your needs.

Tell me more about Make it Happen

Strategy sessions

You know where you are headed, but you’d LOVE to have someone on your side to brainstorm and bounce your ideas off.  Strategy sessions are for you if you are already clear on the how & what and you want high-level strategic support on a regular basis to make sure your business keeps growing.

Let's Talk Strategy

Social Media Bootcamp - Coming Soon

An intensive 6-week (or 12-week) coaching experience that will kick-start your growth in 1 specific area of your business! We can work on your Instagram presence, Facebook Group, Pinterest traffic or your website.

After the bootcamp you will know how to grow your visibility in a way that feels totally doable and 100% authentic!

Put me on the Waiting List


"Paulien is very supportive and knows when to push you and when to give you time. She will always try to figure out what’s holding you back, and gives you tons of energy. This has been very valuable for me during the process of building my business. "

Annelies Buijs
Sustainable Fashion Designer, Netherlands

"If you are in doubt about working with Paulien, I’d say: do it! After working with Paulien, my business is growing again. I enjoy working in and on my business again, I am a better entrepreneur, and more importantly, I feel happier and more relaxed. "

Frank Wilffert
Golf Pro, Netherlands

"Thank you so much for your amazing help Paulien! I was so confused before I spoke to you and now I have a clear direction for my business. You were so quick to understand my business and had such awesome ideas that I can implement straight away to increase my profitability. I am looking forward to working with you more!"

Lisa Bergsma
Founder, In Shape Mummy, Australia


Business coach for sustainable entrepreneurs & changemakers

Helping people step into their full potential is my superpower and my biggest passion. And I believe that we as entrepreneurs have the power to change the world by creating new solutions that change the status quo!   

In the past 17 years, I’ve started 3 companies. The first one grew to 85 million euro ($100 million) in annual revenues and 96 staff.  The second one failed fast. So yes, I know the highs and the lows of every stage of starting and growing an online businesses.

It took me 40 years until I finally brought up the courage to start doing what I LOVE doing (helping people step into their full potential) and what I feel called to do (make the world a better place through entrepreneurship), instead of what others expected of me (CEO career). 

And even though I knew so much about business already, starting as a solopreneur was hard. HARD. Why? Because I needed to get visible and sell myself and my brand. Believe me, until a few months ago doing video was about the scariest thing I could think of. And all those perfect pictures on Instagram, aaargh. But I overcame those challenges, and I can now combine all my years of experience as a CEO in business with my personal journey in online visibility to help online entrepreneurs.

I founded the Change Maker Collective to create a community, academy and platform for purpose-driven entrepreneurs. The Change Maker Collective is here to help you launch and grow your business!


Read my blog for stories, inspiration and articles about growing the online business of your dreams!


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